If you’re unsure of how to go about designing a professional looking website, simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to developing a great website.

Invaluable Web Design Tips:

1. Make sure to use professional, easy to read fonts that will give visitors a professional impression of your business

Many individuals make the mistake of choosing fonts which are nearly impossible to read or fonts which are too childish such as Comic Sans. So when it comes time to select fonts for your website, make sure to choose professional looking fonts which can be easily read.

2. Ensure that your website looks professional and will reflect positively on your business

Remember that the look of your website will determine whether or not visitors see your business as a professional website. As your website will influence each visitor who loads your website. Especially if your business doesn’t have a traditional brick and mortar premises.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to design websites for businesses, it’s also a great idea to ensure that each website which you produce looks professionally designed.

2. Make sure that all the images which feature on your website are professionally shot

Make sure to take your time when it comes to selecting photos and images to place on your website. As just as poorly selected fonts will reflect poorly on your business, poorly chosen images will also give your business an amateur vibe.

3. Invest in getting a professional logo designed for your business

If your business doesn’t already have a professional logo, it’s a great idea to invest in having a professional logo designed for your business, which you’ll then be able to use on your business’ social media accounts as well as your business’ website.

4. Make sure that the colors which you select for your website show up well on your screen

While you may be tempted to use yellow text or to use a pale blue background for your website, it pays to ensure that all the colors which you select for your website, show up well on your screen. As visitors to your site won’t have the patience to try and decipher unclear text or images and will simply opt to visit one of your business’ competitors websites.

5. Make sure that your navigation bar helps your visitors easily navigate your site

Not only does a site have to look as professional as possible but a great website should also be a breeze to navigate. The easiest way for your potential customers to navigate your website is to carefully title the different pages on your website as part of your website’s navigation bar. As an example, you may want to label one link “About us” and another link “Shop”.

5. Get a trusted friend or family member to test out your new website before you publish it

Make sure to get a third party such as a trusted friend or family member to test out your new website before it goes live. As if you stare at your website all day long, you may not be able to see any simple flaws which should be staring you straight in the face.

If you keep the 5 design principles listed above in mind, you should have no difficulty creating a proffesional website.

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