To learn some of the major differences between Mootools and Jquery, simply continue reading to discover when to use Mootools and when to use Jquery.

Mootools vs Jquery: Everything you need to know

When to use Jquery:

If you’re looking to make it a lot easier to use Javascript on your website, it’s well worth utilizing Jquery. What exactly is Jquery? Jquery is a free, relatively easy to use Javascript library, which was designed in order to simplify HTML DOM tree manipulation and traversal as well as events, CSS animation, and Ajax. Jquery is free to use as it was created under a permissive Massachusetts Institute of Technology open source license.

How can Jquery make designing and managing websites an easier process?

If you learn how to effectively use Jquery to your advantage, you’ll be able to spend less time writing code. As you’ll be able to wrap several lines of code in a single line, which will save you valuable time and energy.

What do you need to know in order to effectively use Jquery?

Before you start planning to use Jquery, to lighten your load as a web designer, make sure that you understand the basics of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

How popular is Jquery:

Most of the most highly regarded technology companies use Jquery. Examples of which include Google, IBM, Netflix, and Microsoft.

What is Mootools?

While Jquery can be used by all levels of web designers who are able to understand the basics of HTML, Javascript, and CSS, Mootools is marketed towards intermediate to expert web developers. So if you see yourself as a novice web designer or developer, you’ll be far better off starting off with using Jquery instead of Mootools.

What are some of the benefits associated with utilizing Mootools?

Firstly, like Jquery Mootools is a free to use system which was licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which happens to be the number one technology-focused university in the world. So you can be sure of Mootools quality.

Secondly, Mootools will allow you to write powerful yet easy to read code. So if you’re sick of trying to decipher hard to read code, it’s well worth experimenting with Mootools.

Thirdly as Mootools is so easy to read, if you plan on maintaining and editing your website’s code with another individual or a group, it’s well worth utilizing Mootools as your colleagues won’t have any trouble deciphering the code which you’ve written!

What is Aptana Jaxer?

If you’re looking for detailed information on Mootools and Jquery, chances are high that you’re also interested in finding out more information about Aptana Jaxer.

What is Aptana Jaxer? Simply put it’s a Javascript server, which will allow you to execute Javascript on your website. So if you plan on incorporating a lot of Javascript into your future websites, it’s well worth using Aptana Jaxer to your advantage.

Hopefully, after reading this handy guide to understanding the differences between Mootools and Jquery, you’re now confident about whether you should use Mootools or Jquery!

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