If you’d like to be able to confidently use a wide variety of marketing techniques, in order to help your business grow, simply continue reading to discover a few simple yet effective marketing tips.

Marketing 101: How to use marketing techniques to help your business grow

1. Make sure that your business boasts a positive online reputation

If potential customers use a search engine to find information on your business and are confronted with negative reviews, they won’t want to deal with your business. So it’s a great idea to focus on convincing your satisfied customers or clients to leave positive reviews about your business on unbiased review sites such as Yelp.

It’s also a great idea to get in touch with any individuals who have left disgruntled reviews about your business online as if you’re able to rectify any issues which such individuals may have with your business, you may be able to change their minds about your business. If you’re lucky such individuals may edit or delete their online review on your business.

2. Use frequent contests in order to encourage your customers to make new orders

One way to get your customers to place new orders is to run a contest where each order which a customer places earns them one entry in your contest. As an example, you may want to offer a contest where the winner is given a few hundred dollars of free products or services from your company.

3. Create and market a rewards program for your most loyal customers

Another way to encourage your customer base to continue purchasing products and or services from your company is to create a rewards program, which rewards your customers for their repeat business. As an example, you may want to create a tiered rewards program which offers different tiers for the different amounts of money which your customers may spend with your business.

As an example, customers who have purchased over $100 of products in a single calendar year may qualify for the bottom tier of your business’ reward program. While customers who spend over $1,000 with your business in a year, may qualify for the top tier of your rewards program.

Usually the higher up a customer is on your rewards tier, the more perks which they’ll unlock such as percentage discount off their orders or free shipping.

4. Sponsor local community events

It’s well worth sponsoring local community events and posting about your sponsorship on a variety of social media platforms, in order to increase your business’ following. As an example, you may want to consider sponsoring a local fun run or a local sports team.

5. Advertise on Youtube instead of on TV

As most individuals visit Youtube several times per week, it’s a great idea to advertise your business on Youtube instead of on a local television network. Furthermore, if you pay to run Youtube ads, interested potential customers will be able to click on your ads, to find out more information about your company, by being linked directly to your business’ website.

If you use the marketing guide listed above to market your business online, you’ll be sure to increase hits to your website as well as your business’ profit.

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